Product information

The perforated plates are required  for a lot of industrial applications and many

other multi- purposes functions, being able to be produced in a wide range of types

and sizes . They  are obtained by cold punching, followed by further supplementary

processes. The materials used are: ordinary steel rolled hot or cold, deep drawing steels, 

stainless steel and other special steels,  aluminum alloys, brass,

copper, zinc, etc.


Technical Data

The standard sheets are in the size of mm. 2000x1000 provide a minimum

thickness of mm. 1.00 and a maximum of mm. 10.00. On request it is possible

to produce the  sheets with a minimum thickness of 0.20 mm and a maximum

of mm. 15.00.

The punched  holes can be either: round, square, diamond-shaped, rectangular,

oval or fantasy design.