Raw material

UNI EN 10025: 2005

Hot rolled  steel material for structural employments 


Galvanizing process

UNI EN ISO 1461: 2009

Hot dip galvanizing coated on finished steel profiles.

UNI EN 10346: 2009

Steel strips and sheets with low carbon content continuous

hot coating, for cold forming.

UNI EN 10244-2: 2003

Wire and wiredrawn steel products. Steel coating not ferrous

on steel wire. Zinc coating or zinc alloy.

Powder coated

General Information

Steps to perform a correct painting with polyester powder on galvanized material are:

• remove the withe oxide of the zinc with acid

• wash with no ionized water

• alkaline process to remove grease (perfect cleanness of the surface)

• Rewash with no ionized water

• activation (prepare the surface to the next treatment)

• fluoric phosphate process ( fix a micro crystal layer on the surface that improve the rooting and prevent from the leaf of the coat)

• rewash with no ionized water

• remove trace of salt not chemically fixed

• drying at 140 °

• electro static application of polyester thermo hardener powder (approx. 80 microns )

• polymerization on oven at 200°

Corrugated wire mesh –Electro-welded wire mesh

UNI EN 12604

Industrial doors and gates, garage and commercial

Mechanical aspects – requirements

UNI EN 13241-1

Industrial Doors and gates , commercial and garage. devices
protection against accidents.




Stadium Fence

D.M. of 18 March 1996

Security norms for construction and availability of sport facilities.

UNI EN 13200

Sport facilities, separation of areas, fences for sports ground

Temporary Mobile fence

D.P.R. 16 December 1992 No. 495-art. 32

Regulation of the Highway Code Legislative Decree No. 494 August 14, 1996

Implementation of Directive 92/57/EEC concerning the minimum

safety and health requirements at construction temporary sites .