In 1941 Lorenzo Alfonso started the production of corrugated wire nets in the basement of his house in Forlì- where he had moved for business reasons- involving his whole family and neighbours. The metallic wires were corrugated by rotating the hundle of two hand-operated gear wheels. Each family living in the building had its own device.

Quite often there were wires coming out of the building windows during hand weaving .The resulting net was picked up floor after floor to be later delivered to the customers.

After the end of the war , Lorenzo came back to Bari with his family and set up a large – scale production. In 1959 , he started to work on his own and, in 1966 he built an utterly new mill in the industrial district of Bari while extending its production to iron wires and nails.

In 1972, he handed over the management of the business to his sons in order to devote himself to his favourite passion: the construction of machinery which he did heartly , creatively and skillfully.

At that time , his sons Ettore and Francesco founded the “ Alfonso Lorenzo snc “ company – a general partnership- and in 1981 , they built another industrial plant : the seat of the would-be “ Alfonso Lorenzo srl “- a limited responsibility company – created to efficiently meet the needs of the market . Unfortunately , Ettore would not witness the growth of the newly built plant due to a lethal affection ; he died in 1981 .

In 1997 , the two businesses underwent a complete restructuring . The production process has since been concentrated in the “ Alfonso Lorenzo snc “ company whereas the “ Alfonso Lorenzo srl “ company is concerned with product marketing .

This strategy has been instrumental to establish clearcut relationships with the customers, to successfully assist them and to streamline administrative procedures .

Also the development prospects of this company – with its total area of 12,000 sqm. 2,000 of which are currently covered- have benefited from such plan of actions.

In 2002, thanks to the capacity and commitment of the third generation made up of the partners Alfonso Lorenzo and Simona, sons of Ettore, Alfonso Claudio, son of Francesco and Degli'Innocenti Roberto, grandson of the founder, Alfonso Lorenzo Srl was extended with the construction of a new 3000 sq meters warehouse used for storage and loading and unloading of goods. This new realization allows the further development of the commercial activity. In the same period, the production plant of Alfonso Lorenzo snc extended the production capacity of drawn wire and started an important program of machinery restructuring for the production of corrugated net that confirms the leadership in the sector.

In 2007 the investment programs in the productive sector and in the human resources sector are completed and financial assets are consolidated.

Since 2008, the commercial activity develops in a capillary manner throughout the national territory thanks to internal organizational skills and collaboration with agents and partners who have shared the company project.

The range of products is in constant update to meet the needs of customers and to offer an increasingly competitive service.

In 2017 an ambitious internationalization project begins.